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Hibiscus ‘Blue Bird’ A6 Card

Hibiscus ‘Blue Bird’ A6 Card


A6 tent fold card with a photograph of a Hibiscus syriacus 'Blue Bird' flower on the front and a quotation from ‘July’ by the poet George Meredith on the reverse side. The card is left blank inside for your own personal message and comes with a white envelope.

  • Floral Notes

    This shrub produces its enchantingly beautiful flowers from August to October. The species 'syriacus' is one of several plants commonly referred to as the 'Rose of Sharon' (though it is not believed to be the same 'Rose of Sharon' referred to in the 'Song of Solomon'). It is a symbol of persistent love, persuasion, love and protection.

    Some references say that the name 'Hibiscus' (which was also used by the Ancient Greeks for the marsh-mallow plant, Althaea Officinalis) means "plant that was sacred to the ibis". The ibis was a bird that represented Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, knowledge and writing.

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