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Rose Columbine A6 Card

Rose Columbine A6 Card


A6 tent fold card with a photograph of Aquilegia 'Clementine Rose' on the front and a quote by Celia Thaxter on the reverse side. The card is left blank inside for your own personal message and comes with a white envelope.

  • Floral Notes

    Aquilegia is the birthday flower for those born on 1st April. The old English name for this flower, 'columbine', comes from Latin word 'columbinus' meaning 'little dove'. Each flower was thought to resemble a group of little doves huddled together (though this is more obvious in some varieties than others). Other common names for them include, 'doves-at-the-fountain', 'granny's bonnets' and 'lady's petticoat'.

    In religious art, due to its association with doves, the columbine was sometimes depicted as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Seven blooms represented the seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, fear and piety.

    In modern-day floriography the Aquilegia may be interpreted as a symbol of courage, strength and wisdom.

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