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For the past few years, I have been photographing plants, flowers and any other little wonders that have caught my eye while visiting gardens or out walking in the countryside with my husband, son and our Lakeland Terrier, Bonnie. With encouragement from my wonderfully supportive friends and family, I have created this range of cards and gifts from my extensive library of photographs. Many of the cards have poems and quotations on the reverse side that have been carefully researched and chosen to compliment the images.

Throughout time, flowers have been used symbolically in art, literature and as gifts to convey messages. The Victorians assigned them various special meanings and developed their very own floral 'language'. Many books, beautifully illustrated with verses and paintings, were published during this period, inspired by the 'language' and 'sentiments' of flowers.

Today we have our own updated 'floriography' that has been influenced not only by the Victorians but also by different cultures and traditions from all around the world. This has provided me with much inspiration and where appropriate in the descriptions of each image on this website, I have included the birth month associated with each flower and some information about its folklore, history and modern-day interpretation. I hope you will enjoy reading these 'floral notes' and choosing appropriate cards to send to your friends and family.

For further information about my range of cards and gifts, or if you have any special requests, please do contact me by email at



If you would like to learn more about the history and folklore of plants and flowers then please follow me on Twitter @VenetiaJane.

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